Educational (includes PPRs)

Purchase DVD

There are three ways for educational institutions to purchase this on DVD.

1) Send us a purchase order. Best is to send it to us by e-mail at In the alternative, you can mail us an invoice and at the same time, let us know via e-mail that you have done so. Here is our physical address:

Palomino Productions
P.O. Box 8565
Berkeley, CA., 94707, USA

2) Purchase from us via PayPal:

Purchase DVD

3) Purchase from a distributor;

BUT REMEMBER: By purchasing through us instead of a distributor, you contribute much more towards our ability to continue our work. In addition, DVDs purchased through us have Extras; and we also have BluRay available. Please e-mail us at if you need BluRay.


To purchase Download/Streaming:
Please go through an educational distributor.